E-Contents: Commerce

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Measures of Dispersion Dr. A M Viswambharan
2 Business Management Dr. Joseph George
3 Corporate Governance Dr. Joseph George
4 Human Resource Management Dr. Joseph George
5 Marketing Environment Part II Dr. K T Peter
6 Marketing mix Dr. K T Peter
7 Capital Market part 1 Dr. K.T.Peter
8 Capital Market part 2 Dr. K.T.Peter
9 Passport Dr. Radhika P C
10 Service Marketing Mix Dr. Radhika P C
11 Types of Hotels Dr. Radhika P C
12 GST Dr. Remya Ramachandran
13 Direct Tax Dr. Sajoy P B
14 Marketing Management Dr. Sajoy P B
15 Operations Research Dr. Sajoy P B
16 Cost acounting Dr. Thomas T P
17 Business Fr. Tomy P P
18 Economic Environment Fr. Tomy P P
19 NITI Aayog Fr. Tomy P P
20 Income Tax Assessment And Procedure Mr. Bony Mathew
21 Analysis of Data Mr. James V George
22 ANCOVA QT Mr. James V George
23 Budget Quiz Mr. James V George
24 Companies Act 2013 Mr. James V George
25 Accounting for Managerial Decisions Mr. Johnson John
26 Introduction to Company and Shares Mr. Johnson John
27 Special Accounting Mr. Johnson John
28 Principles of Business decision part 1 Mr. M M Dominic
29 Principles of Business decision part 2 Mr. M M Dominic
30 Applied Cost Accounting Mr. Shanmughadas
31 Business Environment Mr. Shanmughadas
32 E-Commerce and General Informatics Mr. Sojan T S
33 Working Capital Ms. Ajna George
34 Controlling Ms. Aleena Varghese
35 Retail Banking Ms. Aleena Varghese
36 Accounts Of Insurance Companies Ms. Anjitha K Nanadanan
37 Financial Statements Ms. Anjitha K Nanadanan
38 Internal Reconstruction Ms. Anjitha K Nanadanan
39 Average Ms. Athira V T
40 Research Process Ms. Athira V T
41 Insurance Ms. Elsa George
42 Principles of Insurance Ms. Elsa George
43 Principles of Insurance Ms. Farzana O I
44 Capital Market Ms. Maria Tomy Philip
45 Internal Check and Internal Control Ms. Priya P S
46 Market Segmentation Ms. Priya P S
47 Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Ms. Priya P S
48 Cloud Computing Ms. Priya Renjini S
49 Database Management System Ms. Priya Renjini S
50 Pagemaker 7.0 Ms. Priya Renjini S
51 Business Environment Ms. Simi Xavier
52 Introduction to E Commerce Ms. Simi Xavier
53 Working Capital Ms. Tessa Mary Jose
54 Financial Services Ms. Theres Joshy
55 Management Information System Ms. Theres Joshy